Neoprene bags made to suit your everyday.


If you’re not a regular in the surf and have never had to squeeze yourself into a wetsuit, you may not be familiar with Neoprene material. Since its invention in 1931, Neoprene has been used for many day to day products such as laptop cases, beer coolers, lunch bags, and as the primary material for wetsuits and scuba diving gear. 

Why Neoprene? When we say this material is durable – we really mean it. Designed as an imitation of rubber, the material is flexible, stands up to weathering, resists grease, oil, water, and is able to handle a wide range of temperature.

Our beautiful collection of totes are made of this amazing material, meaning they are lightweight, water-resistant, AND machine-washable. The ideal partner for your everyday - whatever the weather or occasion. See our full range by clicking the link below.


You know that buzz you get when you first smell summer in the air?

Or when you look at your bestie and you just know tonight is going to be a good one? When the clock hits 5pm on a Friday and you suddenly have the freedom to be anywhere you want for a whole weekend?

That’s the feeling we’ve bottled (or bagged, rather) and turned into Fridays The Label. Born at the famous Bondi Beach in Australia, Fridays The Label is our little way of sharing our Aussie lifestyle with the rest of the world.

In fact, these little neoprene beauties reflect us as women. Strong, versatile, hard-working and absolutely gorgeous! We might not be the supermodels on the run way, but we’ll sure give them a run for their money when it comes to loving our life and living it to the full – whether it’s laughing through a beach workout or holding our own in the board room. 

And if there’s one thing that helps bring Friday vibes to a Monday morning workout or a Wednesday work meeting – it’s one of our bags.

Made from durable and stylish neoprene, with a design to suit any get up - these tote bags bring a whole new wave of functional free spirited cool to any ensemble. Beach babe chiller meets corporate city chic. Boom.

With us - it’s Friday, every day.


Friday feels