Sundowners Tote

Sundowners Tote


You know that invincible feeling of walking out the door, knowing your whole outfit is on point? The fresh light grey of our Sundowners Tote, complemented by the polka dot pattern detail is going to give you just that and more. When it’s time to refresh your get-up, look no further. Work, play and anything in between will feel just that little bit more fun with this darling on display.

- Includes FREE matching pouch for all your extras
- Grey exterior, polka dot panels with lined black interior
- Inner zipped pockets on each side
- Metallic press studs on ends and middle to clasp shut
- 95% neoprene, 5% polyester
- Tote: L36cm x W23cm x H 31cm
- Pouch: L23cm x W13cm
- Comes with cute protective laundry bag
- Machine washable in cool wash - too easy!

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Beautifully designed to keep everything you need by your side in style. Lightweight, machine-washable, water and grease resistant, with durable neoprene material and sturdy rope handles which sit comfortably on your shoulder – this stunning bag will fast become your favourite companion. Once you have a Fridays bag, you won’t know how you lived without it!

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